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How generous you should be with your escort

There are a few crucial things to consider before going on your first date with an escort. Your generosity is one of them. Many men have the same dilemmas before meeting a sexy companion: how much should they spend? Is tipping necessary? How do I avoid looking like a cheapskate? Well, wonder no more! Here are some tips that will help you on these matters and will prepare you for the best night of your life:

Be flexible in your negotiation

The first conversation you will have with an escort will be related to the price you have to pay for her services. Most companions have a negotiable payment plan. However, this does not mean that you can force her hand by pitching ridiculously low costs for your date. This will give her a poor opinion of you and it will spoil the mood of your future meeting. Instead, accept the price she offers for your first date and try to lower the cost only when you meet her for a second date. By then she will be accustomed to your presence and she will accept a smaller fee more willingly.

What your escort expects of you

You might be thinking that your escort has high expectations from you on your first date. That is just a misconception that many men share. Before her first meeting with a client, a companion only expects you to pay the price you have negotiated and to be a gentleman. You can pay her extra and flaunt around your wealth, but if you treat her badly, she will never accept to see you again.

When to be generous

According to many escorts, they only expect for a client to be generous starting with their second date. This behavior proves that he appreciates her services and that he had a great time the last time around. Therefore, don’t put her in an awkward situation by leaving a tip on her nightstand. Instead, buy her a small gift when you meet for a second date and tell her how much you enjoy her company.

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